These Services are Available at Construction Companies


One of the biggest drivers of the UK’s thriving economy in 2018 is the civil construction sector. Thanks to booming growth in real estate, this multi-billion dollar industry has been a significant catalyst that has encouraged the growth of smaller construction firms. These firms offer the much-needed services in the field of building construction and civil works.

Ordinarily, a civil construction firm provides its clients with construction services, repairs or other remedial services, maintenance services, and protective solutions. A construction company will also strive to align its management with government functions, and industry. This ensures delivery of quality services and compliance with the set regulations. Consequently, a company must be able to comply with health, environmental, and safety regulations governing the construction industry.

Construction services

The core functions of a civil construction company include earthworks, concrete construction, prefabricating concrete, and fabricating formwork. Many construction companies will also provide pipe laying and sewerage construction, foundation works, concrete footing, backfill, erection of walls and excavations. Some companies can even hire out its construction equipment to other businesses.

Repair/remedial services

Repair and remedial services are designed to protect and prolong the vital lifespan of the existing infrastructure and buildings. This entails repairs, refurbishment, protection from elements that cause corrosion and also maintenance. If you choose a reliable construction company, it can undertake to conduct repair work on bridges, apartments, factories, and piers. When a construction company makes repair work, it may also construct reinforcements, and protection of steel structures, tank repairs, waterproofing cathode protection, etc.

Protective coating services

Coating is another function offered by construction companies. It uses linings and coatings to protect against severe weather, heat, chemical corrosion and abrasion from various chemical or physical agents. The coating may also include fireproofing, lining for chemical storage tanks and other types of retardants.

Maintenance services

This includes a vast array of services and includes general carpentry, plumbing, painting, refurbishment, electrical works, cleaning and restoration among others.


Some of these companies focus on construction of new structures, interior and exterior remodelling for offices, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, government properties, shipping facilities, educational facilities, and warehouses. Examples of works done at these facilities include creating innovative offices, installing modular buildings, repairing airplane hangars, creating public parks and greenways and upgrading other facilities.


Many construction companies can fast-track your project and provide cost-saving solutions to meet your budget goals. They also encourage the creation of eco-friendly facilities to save you money on landscaping expenses which are a must for modern building aesthetics.